Wondering what Thematic is? It is a solid WordPress Framework, custom child themes are built on top of the framework. This allows the parent theme (Thematic) to stay flexible and up to date, while your child theme handles styling, site structure and any other custom modifications. Another big part of Thematic, it is open source and 100% free.

Most people that know of me, know what Thematic is. If you have general Thematic questions, please feel free to open up a New Issue on Github. If you need in depth help with a project, or want someone to build out a project, feel free to contact me directly.

Self Help

I have a section of useful tools and miscellaneous helpful links.

Thematic Resources

There is also a collection of snippets which are a helpful reference on how easy things can be done with snippets.

Thematic Snippets

You can also check the forums, where tons of solutions to different things have been posted at Thematic Forum and also be sure to check the old forums which are no longer active.

Is Thematic Theme Dying?

I get this question quite often, so might as well address it here. The answer is yes, and no. Thematic is still a very strong framework, it is very easy to work with, but only once you are use to it. Thematic has suffered from (this is my opinion) a problem from being slightly behind the times. For a long time by default it wasn’t HTML5 or Responsive, but this can be achieved through child themes fairly easily, but took some extra work. So the community has died down a bit, but with the release of 2.0 which is currently in beta, it will help remedy this problem slightly.

My personal belief is that Thematic needs to be forked and all backwards compatibility needs to be dropped. Probably renamed and reintroduced as a new framework. If someone were to keep the development up to current standards (which 2.0 is doing), it would be a pretty awesome project. Currently the leadership of Thematic has dropped off the map, so Thematic is stuck in beta which works perfectly fine, but it is now stagnating.