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Thematic and Grid Systems

So you are wanting to add a grid system to the Thematic Theme Framework for WordPress. Grid systems make theme development super easy right? Not necessarily. Occasionally a question will pop up on the forum involving incorporating a gird into Thematic. Most of the questions involve adding classes like grid_6, span-5 to the HTML Thematic… Read More

Thematic and Icon Fonts

There are plenty of tutorials and oodles of information floating around about icon fonts, they are all the rage right now. There are awesome things achievable with icon fonts and they can provide a lot of flexibility in your development workflow. It seems some people get the impression that using fonts as icons is overly… Read More

Titanic, a child theme for Thematic

The Titanic child theme is my last real attempt at creating a full fledged theme for the Thematic Theme Framework. This is the responsive child theme my site is currently built on, so technically you are looking at the demo right now. This is yet another theme built on my own Responsive Base which is… Read More

Child’s Play, child theme for Thematic

Child’s Play is a child theme for the Thematic Theme Framework, it is built with the mobile-first approach to responsive web design, but with a few unique features. It was originally created as a stress test for the Responsive Base to find more improvements and make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything obvious. After adding new… Read More

Responsive Base, a child theme for Thematic

Update: Thematic 2.0 is now in beta and available on Github, which makes this theme outdated. You can still use it since Thematic is backwards compatible, but if you want to be up to date, use Thematic 2.0 from Github and Responsive Base Plus. Responsive Base is a child theme built on the mobile-first approach… Read More

Disqus Comments and Thematic

The Disqus comment platform is a very popular plugin for WordPress, it just happens to work great with the Thematic theme framework. If you aren’t careful though, you may not notice that there is one sneaky problem. Thematic will still insert the #comments ID on two different sections postfooter_postcomments and postfooter_postconnect of your child theme,… Read More

Thematic and Modernizr

The Thematic Theme Framework for WordPress is getting older, but if you don’t absolutely need a HTML5 site, there really isn’t any reason not to use it for custom theming. A recent project of mine required CSS3 transitions, but older browsers like IE 6-9 won’t do transitions. That is where the powerful little Modernizr comes… Read More

Faking HTML5 Boilerplate Header with Thematic

I have faked the HTML5 Boilerplate header styling on my Thematic Theme Framework child themes for a while now. I say faking only because this header is typically associated with HTML5 layouts and while Thematic is a solid framework, the code is just not as modern as it could be. Using the HTML5 Boilerplate header… Read More

Modifying the Thematic Date Format

While helping someone recently with the Thematic Theme Framework for WordPress, I finally took the extra step and modified the date format (better known as postmeta_entrydate) to be easier to work with. Essentially all I did was modify the date for Thematic to include a few extra span tags that can easily be targeted with… Read More

WordPress Columns Shortcode

A few months ago, I received a call asking if I knew how to make column shortcodes for a WordPress theme. I answered “No”, but quickly followed up with a explanation of how it should be fairly easy. The hunt for shortcode columns was on, after researching column shortcode examples, I noticed the ones out… Read More