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The last time Ron Paul ran in 2008, I created some revolution artwork in .AI and .PSD file formats for supporters to use. The idea for the revolution “love” style design was originally from Ernie Hancock who runs the website Freedom’s Phoenix. Back in the day, I wasn’t able to find a clean revolution logo image, let alone in a editable format. It has been 4 years since I originally created a Illustrator and Photoshop version so it could be reused for other projects, it actually spread around pretty fast and was a decent traffic draw, here it is again.

 Black Ron Paul Revolution Image

White Ron Paul Revolution Image

Clear Ron Paul Revolution Image

Pink Ron Paul Revolution Image

Revolution Artwork Zip Includes:

  • Illustrator (.AI)
  • Photoshop (.PSD)
  • 4 Images Above (.JPG & .PNG)
  • Stencilia-A Font (.ttf)

Download Revolution Artwork (Zip)

To snag a image here without downloading the source files above, you can right click on the images here and “Save Image As”. Feel free to use these images however you wish, Ernie Hancock sums it up.

This is my standard response,… the idea/logo belongs to everyone and to no one. I was very certain about what was gong to happen (long story why) and made the decision before the first sign was made to promote the concept without any restrictions (it’s a freedom thing).Ernie Hancock

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Hey I had to search for about an hour to find your version. I added a ‘2012’ underneath and made it symmetric with the width of the Ron Paul on top and it really looks balanced like that. We are making about 100 banners for Iowa here in the frickin’ heat of Fort Worth next weekend. So I thank you very much for your contribution to the r3VOLution and to his election this time. We learned from last time. I also have been wrapping the outside of a banner or a thick wire or bamboo stick at the top of a chloroplast sign and hang them with a zip tie from the balance point in the middle. If you stick this at the end of a pole or bamboo stick, it’s almost an indestructible configuration and what is really cool is that they will then wave to everyone by themselves in the wind.. I think this display technique is much more versatile, you can stick the other end of the bamboo pole in almost any sign post with holes and at any height and it is kinda high tech looking, although extremely simple. It’s like the signs are floating in air when I ‘fly’ them at the end of a bamboo stick like you find 6 for $2 at Home Depot.

Glad you found it useful. I actually have some ideas planned for this time, one of the main things I want to teach Ron Paul supporters is how to better utilize search engine optimization (seo), to get an edge by being a little more tech savvy. :)

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