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Baby Under Construction

Baby Under Construction Image

Tinkering with using CSS box shadows to create an image with 1 single HTML div element. This idea for what I created comes from a lazyweb request for the famous “Website Under Construction” GIF, but reproduced with just CSS. It is super easy, just a little tedious, the idea is you can essentially make little […]



The Panderbear is obviously a play on the infamous internet meme Pedobear. The idea to convert the meme was conceived from watching presidential candidates pander to audiences they were speaking to. At the time I thought it was hilarious, but never did much with it, although it could be useful for anyone as pandering is […]

Ron Paul Revolution Image

Ron Paul Revolution Image Black

The last time Ron Paul ran in 2008, I created some revolution artwork in .AI and .PSD file formats for supporters to use. The idea for the revolution “love” style design was originally from Ernie Hancock who runs the website Freedom’s Phoenix. Back in the day, I wasn’t able to find a clean revolution logo […]

Stuxnet Super Virus Video

Stuxnet Super Virus Video

Awesome infographic video by Patrick Clair on the Stuxnet Virus. For more in depth information (for real nerds), watch Adventures in Analyzing Stuxnet from Microsoft’s Bruce Dang, amazingly candid. Stuxnet was utilizing 4 zero-day exploits from just Microsoft.