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Placement of Media Queries

SASS Mixin for Media Queries Example

While going through a redesign of my website, I forced myself to place the media queries inside each #id and .class using Sass, instead of at the bottom in a huge clump. The idea of this isn’t something new and if you are using gzip there are no performance drawbacks. I just couldn’t visualize why […]

Thematic and Grid Systems

Zen Grids for Thematic Image

So you are wanting to add a grid system to the Thematic Theme Framework for WordPress. Grid systems make theme development super easy right? Not necessarily. Occasionally a question will pop up on the forum involving incorporating a gird into Thematic. Most of the questions involve adding classes like grid_6, span-5 to the HTML Thematic […]

Thematic and Icon Fonts

Thematic and Font Icons Image

There are plenty of tutorials and oodles of information floating around about icon fonts, they are all the rage right now. There are awesome things achievable with icon fonts and they can provide a lot of flexibility in your development workflow. It seems some people get the impression that using fonts as icons is overly […]

Clearfix Clarity

Float Collapse Issue Image

When helping other designers and developers who are learning, the same basic issues come up quite often. One question that always seems to come up is the dreaded Float Collapse issue. Simply, the parent element will collapse and have no height if the child elements are all floated. Most of the time it isn’t noticeable, […]

Titanic, a child theme for Thematic

Titanic Responsive Child Theme Example

The Titanic child theme is my last real attempt at creating a full fledged theme for the Thematic Theme Framework. This is the responsive child theme my site is currently built on, so technically you are looking at the demo right now. This is yet another theme built on my own Responsive Base which is […]